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Sweet Mo At Home Workout Guide

Price: $15.00

Item Description

This is a full body fitness program that will help you move and connect to your body at home or anytime you’re away from the studio and would like to get a workout in.
Each workout will get your heart-rate up, have you move in all planes of motion, and challenge your strength, proprioception, cardio, and balance/stability.

These workouts are meant to be progressed and regressed to meet you where you’re at, regardless of how you show up to your movement practice on any given day.
Each workout will allow you to move your entire body. There are three workouts to choose from. You can do all three in one week, or pick and choose the ones you like. As always, we encourage you to explore each movement, and make the modifications that work for your body.

One you purchase the program, we will email it to you within 24 hours. If you have questions, please email us at